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New for 2017 - Parcel Data for all of West Virginia and

Historical Farmlines  for Central and Western Counties

Accurate Parcel Boundaries, Well Locations, and Horizontal Laterals

Seneca WebGIS puts Oil and Gas information, property assessment data, and surface parcel boundaries at your fingertips with just a computer and internet connection.  The service is a GIS map that operates in a web browser and comes pre-loaded with Seneca Technologies well, parcel, and production data for all 55 West Virginia counties.  The product also now includes historical farmline maps for many central and western counties.  Seneca WebGIS is a complete visual well and land information tool that doesn't require costly software or training.  Mapping for abstractors and research personnel has never been easier.

Seneca Technologies maintains searchable databases of West Virginia wells and tax data in our SenecaInfo and Seneca Courthouse services.  We have taken that same up to date, accurate information and created layers that can be worked with in an interactive map experience commonly referred to as a Geographic Information System.  SenecaWebGIS has the familiar well and assessment data of our other services.  The information window links to the SenecaInfo database of plats, completion reports, and other well information from the 1920’s forward.  It also links to parcel data, available well logs, and well production information with graphs.

The most accruate information available anywhere
Production and Paperwork
Seneca WebGIS User Interface
Powerful Features, Easy Interface

The most common tools and functionality of costly GIS software are part of our simple interface.  A convenient help menu offers further explanations of tools.  Collapsible panels show or hide legend and layer information.  Simply click and drag to pan the map or use buttons to navigate, zoom, or go back to a previous view.  The GIS map includes an info button to quickly get information from wells and parcels on the map and search tools for finding and selecting features.  Research time is greatly reduced because Land and geological information links directly from the map.  The CAD toolbar allows users to draw on the map, edit their drawings, and add custom labels. Create and print your own maps for presentations, leasing, and research.  

Web Based Access

With a SenecaWebGIS subscription you get simple GIS functionality without the need for costly software updates or time consuming research and data maintenance.  All you need is an internet connection, web browser, and login information.  The subscription is a single computer license that locks to one machine.  With an active subscription the groundwork is done for you and the cost is a single, convenient fee paid once yearly.

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