Tech Support

Technical Support by Phone

Seneca Technologies offers in-house, skilled technical support Monday–Friday 9:00am–5:00pm EST. If you have any questions or issues, first consult the FAQ page that follows. If your problem persists, call us at (304) 622 7985.

Splashtop Remote Support Software

If your support representative needs to see your computer screen, they will instruct you to download the Splashtop support client for your operating system. This software allows us to provide exceptional customer service and fast problem-solving solutions to customers in any location. Simply download and run the client software, give us your support key, and you are connected. When the session ends, the software will automatically uninstall itself from your computer.


Here are the most common questions customers ask our IT department. Consult this list before calling to see if your question has already been answered.

All three services—Seneca WebGIS, Seneca Info, and Seneca Courthouse—are included.

Seneca WebGIS and Info lock to one computer. Please contact Seneca Technologies to switch computers.

Our products are one license per login. For more licenses, please contact our sells team. 

Due to copyright rules you cannot share content out of our products. You are permitted to print with our printing features built into the interface.

It is all web-based software than can be accessed from any device that has access to internet. 

Seneca Technologies hosts secure web services. We do not keep any data that is uploaded to our web services. Your information is hosted from within the web browser and not stored on our servers.