West Virginia Well Information

Seneca Info is a yearly subscription that gives users online access to our database of West Virginia well information. With Seneca Info you can find records on West Virginia wells by searching a single or combination of well data fields. View information for all new wells and many historical wells. Our well records also include the original plats, completion reports, and plugging affidavits which can be printed or saved to your computer. The map feature shows each mapped well on a topo background, the surrounding area, other wells in that area, and any horizontal laterals. Therefore, you have all the information you need immediately, 24 hours a day, no travel expenses or waiting on mailed paperwork.

The Most Up-to-Date Data

Seneca Technologies maintains information on each well’s location, status, operator, and more. The information we receive is verified against our database to ensure accuracy. The database is updated weekly with newly permitted wells, cancellations, completions, pluggings, and any other changes in status. All new locations are checked against topographical and property line maps. This way we ensure the most accurate well information for the state of West Virginia.

senecainfo screen online database
Export Well Information to Excel or Map Software

When working with larger amounts of data, you can export your well search results to excel files and save them to your computer to store and organize as needed. If you are using mapping software, you can use our NAD 27 lat/long or easting/northing to import the well locations to your own program for mapping and viewing.