Oil and Gas Well Tender Tracking

Accurate, Up to Date Well Information at Your Fingertips

In the oil and gas industry, information equates to productivity and profitability. Every day decisions are made that shape the direction your business takes. Well tending managers need the most comprehensive, accurate and up to date information possible. WellTrack is a self-contained computer system for oil and gas well tenders. Not only does WellTrack eliminate well tender paperwork, it increases efficiency by putting more information into the hands of the operator and the well tender.

Simple User Interface with Performance Graphing

With WellTrack, your well tenders can be up and running after a single morning training session. The Windows based user interface is easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with computer operation. The data entry screens are easy to use and consistent. Well Tenders can email their data to the office daily, and the overview screens give the well tender and the well tending manager an instant picture of a well's status and history.

Complete Well and Meter Tracking

WellTrack stores the meter types, tank sizes, and other important well information including tubing depths, casing depths, perforations, and tank sizes. As orifice plate sizes change, they are automatically carried forward, preventing data entry errors. Calculations are performed real-time, and the well tender can compare today's readings with the well's historical production before he leaves the well.

Comprehensive Operations Tracking

WellTrack captures other important well activities including compressor visitation, fluid hauling, swabbing, employee time, and vehicle mileage and maintenance. The same overview and charting features carry throughout the software, with automatic historical charting visible on each entry screen. WellTrack is the solution to your well tending management needs.

Well Visitation