Oil and Gas Well Tender Software

Android Well Tender Tracking

Conventional wells, compressors, storage tanks, pump jacks, swabbing rigs, hauling trucks… You’ve got a lot of things to keep track of. Management and field personnel need a better way to see what is happening when it is happening.

Complete Well and Meter Information

WellTrack stores important well information including meter types, tubing depths, casing depths, perforations, and tank sizes. As orifice plate sizes change, they are automatically carried forward, preventing data entry errors. Calculations are performed real-time, and the well tender can compare today’s readings with the well’s historical production before he leaves the well.

Comprehensive Operations Tracking

WellTrack can capture all your well activities including well and meter visits, compressor maintenance, fluid hauling, swabbing, employee time, well site and tank inspections, well equipment maintenance, vehicle mileage and maintenance. The same overview and charting features carry throughout the software, with automatic historical charting visible on each entry screen. WellTrack is the solution to your well tending management needs.

Two-Way Communication and GPS Location

With the new Android version of WellTrack, your well tender’s device synchronizes his changes with the main server automatically whenever it has a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G cellular signal, so you are always working with the latest available information.

Well Tenders capture GPS locations for your wells, meters, and storage tank sites on their first visit. With GPS enabled on the user’s device, the well list is sorted by well location, so the closest site to the well tender is always first on his list.

Web based management interface

Run reports, update your well lists, add users, and view all your data from any web connected computer using the secure web portal. Any updates are automatically synced to your users. Do you have a question or message to send the well tender about a well? Send him a note, and he sends a reply on his next visit to the site.

Welcome to the new generation of connected data. Welcome to WellTrack.

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