Manage your business, not your documents.

FastIndex allows you to scan any paper document into your computer and index it relevant fields. At any time, you will be able to search for individual invoices, customer files, patient records, etc and have them immediately at hand. You will never need to get into that old filing cabinet. FastIndex is the best organizational tool your business could have.

Faster than Conventional Filing

The high speed scanning software can handle over 100 pages per minute. Index each document by important fields like customer name, invoice number, and date, and press the Add button. You’re done. Fastindex makes scanning and indexing quicker than conventional paper filing.

Stop Printing Duplicates to File

Our archiving system will permanently store documents from other software packages and the database engine will put it all onto your desktop with a click of the mouse. Even if you change software vendors, you can retrieve them years later, without the original software.

Keep Your Files Safe from Age, Flood, Fire, or Theft

With offsite backup using DVD, portable hard dive, or internet backup software, you can rest assured that all documents will be safe from fire, water, or any other kind of damage.

No More Lost Files

With FastIndex, you don't have to worry that the file you are looking for is on someone else's desk, or worse, filed in the wrong drawer. Each document will always be available, searchable by any or all of the fields you indexed it with.

Easy to Learn

FastIndex was especially designed for the computer challenged. It has quick logical screen layouts making it easy to learn in just one day.

Information at Your Fingertips

FastIndex will allow you to index and search all of your documents by relevant fields, within a matter of seconds. You can view them on screen, attach them to an email, or print them to your printer. No more sifting through filing cabinets, making photocopies, or faxing. With FastIndex, You manage your business. We’ll manage your documents.


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